You are not just going on a hunt. Together we will have an Adventure.

Hunting in the back country of Alberta is more than just putting food on your family's table. It's an obsession to be up in the hills or down in the river valleys among nature, searching for the perfect prey. 

We have been living this life style for a long time and have made the decision to  invite resident hunters to come and enjoy the wonderful experience that we  partake in daily. 

Your adventure will be able to happen thanks to a great group of tight knit friends. We will strive to create a hunting experience that will make you want to return and create awesome memories with us year after year. We put thousands of miles on and countless hours scouting, doing prep work, hanging stands and locating food and water sources. We love this so much we want to make it our life.  


We love this so much we want to make it our life.

"Whether it's on the river system or in the hills we will find the animal of your dreams."

 Your Dream. Our life.